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Aimée Steele in the studio teaching a student.
Aimée Steele in the studio teaching a student.
Aimée Steele in the studio teaching a student.
Aimée Steele in the studio teaching a student.
Creating harmony... Body Breath and Voice


I believe that we all continue to learn and grow no matter what stage of life we are in. Our experiences guide us to the knowledge that we seek in a perpetual and profound way.

In the voice studio, I draw upon my experiences everyday where I use specific vocal and physical techniques to help each student unleash their inner gifts with confidence. I am interested in the student as an individual, one who brings a unique life experience of their own into the studio. I cater to that individual as to how they might learn best. Every aspect of a students’ goal is explored in a nurturing, non-judgmental, yet challenging and fulfilling environment.

Join me in learning how the alignment of your voice, body, and emotional life can lead you to your authentic, essential voice in a sustainable and healthy way.

I look forward to the journey with you,

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Mary Niederkorn

Aimée Steele combines perfect exactitude with perfect love – for the student, for the technique, and for the storytelling that is more the sum of all the parts that go into our work. I returned to studying voice after a nearly two decade hiatus and she has brought me back to a way of singing […]

Kimberly Vaughn

One’s vibration is effortlessly elevated upon entering Aimee’s studio. Energy rebalancing is inevitable with physical, emotional, mental alignment attained during your session. Aimee’s technique allows students to trust their inner voice thereby eliminating pressure, push and strain. It’s as though the sound is sounding itself. What emerges is organic, natural sound and a joyful student. Aimee […]

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