My take on teaching the art of singing is that one’s voice is precious and unique and needs to be nurtured from the inside out. Singing should be fun and easy as well as healing and cathartic. My focus for each student is to give them the tools to achieve a technical “muscle memory” so that they can forget the details and sing from the heart! To achieve this, I teach the singer to balance structure with artistry, giving detailed instruction on the science of the body/vocal mechanisms combined with the nuance of performance.

I use a variety of disciplines in my studio including yoga and physical alignment (Feldenkrais). I also draw from Linklater and Meisner philosophies in order to deepen the dramatic connection to the story. My goal is to encourage physical and emotional connection to each piece of music that will result in stunning, truthful performances.

Vocal exercises are tailored to each individual singer to strengthen the larynx, release tension, increase range and flexibility, and deepen breath support. Attention to performance skills and body language, audition technique, repertoire, and nerves are all addressed in the studio.

I am honored to be a mentor and guide for my students, giving them my utmost attention and respect. When a student entrusts me with the responsibility of teaching them how to hone their skills, I make it my mission to help deepen their understanding of their OWN voice, building from what they have without stripping them of their unique sound or special gift.