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Kimberly Vaughn

Founder & Artistic Director, Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio

One’s vibration is effortlessly elevated upon entering Aimee’s studio.

Energy rebalancing is inevitable with physical, emotional, mental alignment attained during your session.

Aimee’s technique allows students to trust their inner voice thereby eliminating pressure, push and strain. It’s as though the sound is sounding itself.

What emerges is organic, natural sound and a joyful student. Aimee is a gifted teacher, advanced soul, cherished colleague, and trusted friend.

Mary Niederkorn

Aimée Steele combines perfect exactitude with perfect love – for the student, for the technique, and for the storytelling that is more the sum of all the parts that go into our work.

I returned to studying voice after a nearly two decade hiatus and she has brought me back to a way of singing freer than what I had in my 20s.  We have only worked together a year but in that time I have had my Off-Broadway debut and been asked (not auditioned) to participate in two prestigious staged readings with directors on, or on their way to, Broadway.  It is impossible to speak highly enough about her work.  Thank you Aimée!
Photo fo Chris Baker singing into microphone at a night club.

Chris Baker

Through my work with Aimée my voice has changed significantly. My vocal range has expanded, my breath support has gotten stronger and I’m more confident vocally before heading into the studio or before a show because of the tools Aimée has given me. But the greatest gift from our work together goes beyond vocal technique. She’s helped me understand who I am as an entertainer and use my voice to express it, on stage and off. For me lessons with her have been – quite unexpectedly – lessons in life.

Headshot of Brooke Demetri

Brooke Demetri

13 years old
Selected Soloist at the U.S. Open three years in a row

Aimee Steele is such a wonderful teacher and person and she continues to help me strengthen my voice. She has taught me how to belt properly and it feels great!! I was never able to belt the higher pop songs before and now I have learned the correct support that I need to sing without straining my voice. All of her vocal exercises have helped me develop techniques that I can rely on in performance or auditions. I have improved in EVERY aspect of my singing. Aimée doesn’t only focus on your singing technique, she also helps with stage presentation, audition technique and the acting of each song. Every lesson I learn something new. I am very proud to have Aimée as my vocal coach, and anyone who does is SO lucky!

Headshot of Tricia Paoluccio

Tricia Paoluccio

Rocky: The Musical, Fiddler on the Roof,
The Lady from Dubuque

Aimée Steele has helped me develop a freedom and strength in my singing voice that I have long desired to have. Previously to studying with Aimée, I often lost my voice by the end of a long run of a straight play. In my most recent show, I was diligent in singing our vocal exercises prior to every performance. For the first time I suffered no harm and was able to sing in my full range despite the strong demands of the part. Every lesson feels tailored to the day and to how I am feeling in that moment. Aimée’s unique ways of getting me to sing more forward and open have truly been life changing to me. I’m making immense progress as her student, and I’m so eager to keep growing. She has a loving manner, tireless energy and razor sharp instincts. I feel incredibly grateful to have her as my teacher.

Derek Basthemer

The foundation Aimée Steele has helped me build has monumentally changed my voice, auditions, performances and confidence. Since studying with Aimée my tone and clarity have improved, my range has extended and my callbacks and bookings have increased. Most importantly, she has helped my technique become a bedrock that I don’t need to wrestle with during performance. I am able to more effectively communicate and live on stage knowing exactly what will come out of my mouth.

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