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Mary Niederkorn

Aimée Steele combines perfect exactitude with perfect love – for the student, for the technique, and for the storytelling that is more the sum of all the parts that go into our work.

I returned to studying voice after a nearly two decade hiatus and she has brought me back to a way of singing freer than what I had in my 20s.  We have only worked together a year but in that time I have had my Off-Broadway debut and been asked (not auditioned) to participate in two prestigious staged readings with directors on, or on their way to, Broadway.  It is impossible to speak highly enough about her work.  Thank you Aimée!


Photo fo Chris Baker singing into microphone at a night club.

Chris Baker

“Through my work with Aimée my voice has changed significantly. My vocal range has expanded, my breath support has gotten stronger and I’m more confident vocally.”

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Derek Basthemer

“The foundation Aimée Steele has helped me build has monumentally changed my voice, auditions, performances and confidence.”

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