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Brooke Demetri

Aimee Steele is such a wonderful teacher and person and she continues to help me strengthen my voice. She has taught me how to belt properly and it feels great!! I was never able to belt the higher pop songs before and now I have learned the correct support that I need to sing without straining my voice. All of her vocal exercises have helped me develop techniques that I can rely on in performance or auditions. I have improved in EVERY aspect of my singing. Aimée doesn’t only focus on your singing technique, she also helps with stage presentation, audition technique and the acting of each song. Every lesson I learn something new. I am very proud to have Aimée as my vocal coach, and anyone who does is SO lucky!


Photo fo Chris Baker singing into microphone at a night club.

Chris Baker

“Through my work with Aimée my voice has changed significantly. My vocal range has expanded, my breath support has gotten stronger and I’m more confident vocally.”

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Derek Basthemer

“The foundation Aimée Steele has helped me build has monumentally changed my voice, auditions, performances and confidence.”

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