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Ruthy Froch

Aimée Steele creates an environment for learning and refining that is full of positivity, warmth, transparency, and inspiration. She is a voice wizard, and you leave each lesson with the tools to tackle your material with confidence and ease. She inspires, challenges, nurtures, and effortlessly joins you to musical comfort. I find training with Aimée incredibly special because each lesson is centered on the entire human being–highlighting strengths and conquering mental, physical, and emotional barriers, while working on material to expand the artist as a whole. My vocal toolbox grew exponentially while working with Aimée, and I use her tips and technique before, during, and after every performance. With Aimée’s guidance, I found freedom in my voice, and together we created healthy and unique interpretations of my material. Aimée’s superpower lies in her ability to make you feel supported, literally and vocally, while expanding your individual artistry. She is an artist’s advocate and the best to have in your corner!


Daniel Joey Oakley

“There’s no way to overstate the impact Aimée Steele has had on my vocal technique, artistry, career, and life. What if someone could open parts of your bodily instrument you didn’t know existed? What if in doing so, that person helped you step into your fullness of spirit? And what if this person made you […]

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Headshot of Brooke Demetri

Brooke Demetri

“All of Aimée’s vocal exercises have helped me develop techniques that I can rely on in performance or auditions.”

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